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Myofascial Release - Healing Is Feeling

Strolling Under The Skin - by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau - shows us exactly what the Fascial System looks like in a "live" human being.  This video shows us how everything is "connected" through the fascial system.


Myofascial Release works on many levels of the Mind/Body connection.  

Once you have received Myofascial Release, you may find it hard to go back to traditional massage therapy.  

Traditional massage does not allow the body to re-correct itself as Myofasical Release does.

Traditional massage is only temporary in relief of pain, tension, and stress to the body.

Although, Myofascial Release is what we call 'messy' but it's True Healing - and True Healing is chaotic, messy, and Healing Is Feeling.

Our society frowns on the fact that we, as a people, have emotions.  We are threatened Not to show them, and if we do, we're sometimes threatened even more.  Therefore, we, as a whole, shove down and swallow our emotions.

The issue with this is that these acts disconnect our Emotional body from our Phyiscal body.  Then our Mental Body splits.  Our Mind/Body connections splinters and slowly shatters...leaving us empty and not in our bodies.

Myofascial Release allows you, the opportunity to reconnect with your true-self. 

Myofascial Release allows you to finally feel "SOLID and WHOLE" within your skin - and one of the single most beneficial side-effects: BLISS! 

Once you get a chance to feel this incredible gentle but yet highly effective technique, you'll not want any other type of traditional massage for you'll begin to understand how much the traditional techniques do not work long-term. 

I encourage you to have Courage, have Faith, and Allow yourself the opportunity to truly Heal through Myofascial Release.