Healing Touch Massage

Conscious Healing

When you visit Healing Touch Massage for the first time, please bring this form with you, so you do not have to waste your precious massage time when you come to your moment of peace.

 First-time Client Health History form


After your first visit but at any time you have had an opportunity to visit Healing Touch Massage, we hope that you would provide us with your honest feedback about your entire session from scheduling until after you have throughly enjoyed your stay with Healing Touch Massage.

Your feedback can only help Healing Touch Massage better service our clients.  Please feel free to anonymously fill-out the form below or if you'd prefer to email us, we would be honored and grateful to you for letting us know how well we have served your needs.

Client Feedback form


There may be times when Healing Touch Massage may ask you for a Doctor's Release or a Doctor's Permission for massage. Please note that this is not something that happens often, but something that is vital to your health regime with us.  If you are asked for such a form, you may use the form below.  Please forward to your Doctor's office, and have them fill it out and bring with you to Healing Touch Massage.

Any massage service IS Medical, and we need to be sure in our partnership that your health is our top priority.  There are times when it does not make sense that Healing Touch Massage is asking for such permission and/or a sign-off from your Doctor, but we are looking out for your best health interests. 

Physician's Permission form